Vasopressin is a peptide hormone found naturally in the brain and is partly responsible for the formation of memories. Its effects rapidly improve short-term memory and enhance memory imprints (i.e. after the event).

Vasopressin is usually “approved” for the treatment of diabetes insipidus, a condition of frequent urination and extreme thirst. This is because Vasopressin is involved with this body function. However, its “unapproved” uses indicate a possible treatment for amnesia and the treatment of patients suffering from mental difficulties caused by the use of narcotics.

Using Vasopressin 15 minutes before recall or concentration is required (by spraying 1 or 2 “puffs” into each nostril) produces a marked affect (sometimes within seconds), and the effect can then last for a few hours.

Vasopressin should be avoided if you suffer from cardiovascular problems, and only used infrequently, (i.e. only as necessary). Side effects include nausea and headaches. Caution, avoid the intake of large amounts of liquids when using Vasopressin, as the drug's “approved” use is to decrease the frequency of urination, excessive water intake can dilute salt in the body leading to vomiting and in the worst possible case- convulsions.

Please note that the bovine and porcine versions of Vasopressin (such as Diapid®) have been withdrawn from the World market (their chemicals are known as Lypressin and Argipressin). These versions are being replaced by a synthetic version called Desmopressin, (branded DesmoSpray® or Minurin®).

Desmospressin has more potency and a longer half-life than the previous animal-sourced Vasopressin; you must reduce the amount and frequency of Desmopressin use compared to any other previous forms of Vasopressin you may have used.

Desmopressin should be kept in a fridge, although it can be left at room temperature for several weeks without loss of stability.

"Unbelievable! The fog lifted and everything came into sharp detail for the first time in a long time and all within using vasopressin in a minute or so"
B.D., Idaho.

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