DERCOSDercos Ampoules
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Dercos® contains the chemical Aminexil and it is designed to stop hair loss by preventing perifollicular fibrosis. This is a condition that accompanies all alopecia whereby the collagen around the root becomes rigid and tightens pushing the root to the surface and causing premature hair loss.

Regular use of Dercos® in a clinical placebo-controlled trial of 350 patients proved that patients utilizing Dercos® over an 8 to 12 week period had 8% more hair-re-growth and less hair-loss than those who used a placebo did.

Dosage:   3 ampoules per week applied to the scalp for a period of 2-months.  Take 4-6 months off and then repeat..

We recommend the synergistic combination of Nizoral Shampoo and MinSaw-A lotion.

"It's been great.  Within a couple of weeks Dercos began to work!"
P.S., Hawaii.

“I like the new Dercos ampoules.  They are the best thing I have used for my hair.”
Y.S., Japan

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