Adrafinil (Olmifon®) is a French stimulant and antidepressant belongs to a unique class of drugs called “Eugeroics” (meaning good arousal).

Adrafinil helps to improve brain chemical processes without affecting heart rate or pressure and was specifically designed to treat narcolepsy (sleeping in the daytime), as such it can enhance awareness, mental clarity and alertness, allowing the individual to remain both alert and awake during the day.

Adrafinil's unique feature is that it only arouses when stimulation is required. This is achieved by increasing the receptiveness of brain alpha-1 receptors to noradrenaline. This unique action even allows the individual to sleep if he or she so requires.

One or two tablets (300mg each) are taken twice a day, as required, but are not used continuously without liver enzyme blood tests (also see Modafinil).

"Adrafinil changed my life giving me drive and direction."          
J.C., California.

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