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Hydergine enhances mental abilities and lengthens the period of intense mental workload by improving (and indeed stabilizing) oxygen supply to the brain. Furthermore Hydergine has been shown to protect the brain and the heart from free radical damage and can improve the number and ability of brain dendrites to connect, and therefore has even been cited as an intelligence improver.

Doses vary quite widely, but even high dosages have few side effects. Usual dosages are 3mg to 9mg daily, build up doses slowly to avoid nausea.

Hydergine comes in 4.5mg tablets, or in a more easily absorbed liquid version, the renowned company, Novartis (formerly called Sandoz) manufactures both.

Please note that the liquid form provides precise titration because dosages in 0.5mg increments can be taken.

"Combined clinical and laboratory data support the recommendation that Hydergine should continue to be incorporated into a smart-drug regime"
Ward Dean M.D. Florida.

When Laetrile is used therapeutically, it is usually given either intravenously, at doses from one to nine gms, or orally, at doses of 500mg, two to four times daily. To maximize the safety and effectiveness of oral Laetrile, it is imperative that it be taken on an empty stomach, either two hours before or three hours after a meal. Never combine oral Laetrile with raw almonds or raw apricot kernels, or raw vegetable or bean sprouts, as these are high in the cyanide-releasing beta-glucosidase enzyme. According to Krebs (the "father" of Laetrile), approximately 50-200 mg/day of Laetrile, taken like vitamins (which Krebs believed Laetrile to be) on an open-ended, on-going basis, will provide a cancer-preventive effect. Assuming one has not eaten for at least three hours before retiring, taking a small Laetrile preventive dose at bedtime may be the best strategy. Laetrile ingestion may occasionally cause a temporary low blood pressure reaction due to formation of thiocyanate, a powerful blood pressure lowering agent. (30)


"My writer's block has gone and I have accomplished more work in the last month than I achieved in virtually all of last year! This has been happened in the several weeks that I have been using Hydergine, I don't believe this is a co-incidence."
S.K., New York.

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