Phenibut (beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid) was developed in Russia in the 1960's and is used for its anxiety-reducing effect as well as for its nootropic effect. Phenibut is structurally similar to the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, but it more effectively crosses the blood-brain barrier.
In Russia phenibut is used to treat post-traumic stress disorder, stuttering, and insomnia.

   Happy DaysTM       mood enhancing - anti stress - anti anxiety formula
    Phenibut 200 mg
    Picamilon 50 mg
    Rhodiola rosea 150 mg
    Phenylethylamine 250 mg

60 caps  650 mg       1 bottle

  4 bottles 22.00
  10 bottles 18.00
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