Lutein is a yellow Carotenoid found in vegetables


Lutein helps to protect against the development of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) [3 mg or more per day of lutein lowers the risk of developing ARMD by 57%].

Lutein concentrates in the Lens of the Eyes. Lutein protects against the development of Cataracts by protecting the Cells of the Eyes from light-generated Free Radicals)

Lutein concentrates in and improves the health of the Macula (yellow spot on the back) of the Retina of the Eyes (it is particularly concentrated in the Rods) [30 mg of Lutein per day caused the Macula to become denser and to gain pigment. After 140 days of Lutein supplementation, Macula pigmentation increased by an average of 30%. Improvements in Macula health/function continued for six weeks after Lutein supplementation was discontinued].

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Lutein helps to prevent breast cancer.

Lutein helps to prevent lung cancer[epidemiological evidence: high Lutein levels have been inversely correlated with lung canceri ncidence].

Lutein reduces the risk of prostate cancer.


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